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The Traer United Presbyterian Church
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What's Happening at UPC
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April 2005


Tex Mex


We'll all gather on Sunday, April 17, for a good ol' fashioned Mexican food frenzy! We will be preparing a 10' - 15' long burrito. There will be a list of all the needed ingredients at the deacons' table for many people to bring an item. We encourage people to bring their favorite Mexican Food Dish to share. There will be other food items for the faint of heart, or those who don't have a taste for Mexican. Come pin the tale on the donkey and help break the piņata. Wear your sombreros, ride your donkey, and we'll see you on the 17th immediately following worship.

May Committees

Ushers: 1        Les & Linda Meggers

               8,15 Jack & Gretchen Chase

               22,29 Richard Boeschen family

Greeters: 1 Paul Kaufmann family

                  8 Rich & Kelly Boeschen  

                  15 Leiland Whannel

                  22,29 Jim & Kari Currens

Friendship Hour 1 Rex & Phyllis McKee, Justin

                  & Sara Waller, John & Jacque Moffitt,

                  Franklin & Phyllis Earley& Les & Linda


Friendship Coffee

                  8 Brandon & Amber Krusey

                  15 Dave Papesh - Marlys Papesh

                  22 Mike, Chris & Max Markussen

                 29 Burdell & Jean Staker






acons Table

                     3 Sandy Sheda

                    10 Dave Papesh

                    17 Ione Stevenson

                     24 Arianne Johnson

Nursery Assistant

                      3 LuAnne Schneiders

                         Valerie Schneiders

                     10 Sandy Nelson

                      17 Kelly Boeschen

                           Jamie Kepple

                      24 Kelly Boeschen

                           Aaron Kepple

Emergency Committee

Linda Meggers

Vicki Payne

Set Up

Les Meggers

Contact    if you would like
to add items to the calendar